My decision on AI Art for Game Development…

I finished reviewing the updated Unity C# 2D course by about a day or 2 ago and have moved onto some segments of the Multiplayer course by them as well.  Things were looking up until I had a meetup.  The meetup was great but I guess I can blame my naivety. I had a Game Dev (Not related to meetup tonight hoping to learn more about the industry.  That meetup had me thinking as I brought up the topic about AI Art.  While we didn’t talk about it too much during that meetup, it did touch upon some topics that got me thinking about the ethical aspects of using AI Art for Commercial Usage.  About how the community in general feel about it.  I started googling the topic afterwards and I can sorta relate as the first time I heard about AI softwares like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion generating Art in minutes, that I was definitely afraid of Job Opportunities being lost.  Since I was in that industry prior to getting into Game Development.

After much thinking about it afterwards, I think I can still utilize AI Art to some degree but more of as a Reference in order to create art images myself and not just have the AI scrap around the Internet for what is essentially a culmination of other artist’s work.  I can see why there is currently a huge debate over copyright issues regarding the usage of it.  I will give myself a few days to dust off my wacom pen and digital paint some card pieces.  See what I can conjure up during that time window.

Also, regarding my past project in Unity where I made the rookie mistake of creating something too large for me to finish, I may continue that in the near future as the meetup group did like the demo version I presented.  A lot has changed in Unity over the past few years and I would have to convert all my sprites to use the Tileset system.  It would probably increase the framerate and tidy up my Hierachy.  Then there’s the new input system and cinemachine camera.  I spent loads of time coding my camera to move how I wanted to as well and now they have something that makes it so much easier!  Yeah… that and tweaking a extremely large portion of code which I’m kinda dreading.  I did put huge amounts of work into it in the past so updating it is gonna take a huge amount of time I feel.

I will post screenshots of that project sometime soon as I feel it’s something that defines me much more than my current Resume or Portfolio from GA can… a lot of ideas, so little time.

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