Learning Multiplayer and creating Sprite Assets

Been awhile since I updated this Blog. Figured I’ll check in with what I’ve been up to. After the last Blog, I spent about a week learning and getting used to how to use Mirror Networking for Unity. Then I spent some time creating Sprite Assets so that the game actually looks like something lol. 

However, I’ve had a lot of distractions along the way like updating and fixing some bugs on another project I had.  I also created a community of sorts there so it’s something I’d like to keep up to date on.  Furthermore, I simply enjoy Unity C# coding for the most part other then bashing my head against the wall initially learning the Networking part.  But I think I’m fine with that now.

Other distractions involved me working in FedEx for like 2 days until I quit due to the 3 Hour commute and actually being written up for working too slow.  Well, that’s what happens when after I left the Army in 2010 and just focused on drawing and coding all day sitting in a chair.  Obviously, I’m going to be way out of shape. I’m not going to break my body for this job. I’ll pay more in Hospital Bills then what I’ll get in return from FedEx. But props to those who are able to.  It just gives me a new perspective on how I need to try harder with something where I can be utilized for my mind instead of my body.

Another distraction was spending a few days enlightening myself on frauds and scams. There’s just a lot of it nowadays in the Job Market that it’s disgusting.  Fake interviews ate up my time and I’m just annoyed that I could’ve spent that time working more on ‘Battle of Bases’ which will be my temporary name for the game for now I guess.  Maybe I’ll come up with a better one in the future.

I can run on typing a bunch more things but this blog is getting long enough so I’ll just attach a screenshot to show my progress so far.  All the basic Metal Marines mechanics are there, just have to fix some bugs, some syncing, and polishing basically.

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