AI Art with Stable Diffusion

Outside of fixing my Portfolio and Resume again after General Assembly, I’ve been meaning to get to know what the craze is with AI Art after seeing all these recommended videos on Youtube for the past few months. While I was busy during the bootcamp course, I figured now that I’ve graduated and out, that this would be the best time to uncover the mystery of how these amazing Artworks appear to be generated so effortlessly.

Here are three images generated through some prompts I entered into Stable Diffusion.  I also learned how one can train the AI in particular poses, styles, etc to get it closer to the things we are looking to create.  All around, I’m really impressed with the software and it feels like the ChatGPT of Art.  With how quickly it can generate images, I am getting many ideas about the possibility of creating a card game for example in the future.

Having made the mistake of working on something too big in Unity in the past, I’ll definitely start off with something simple first.  And speaking of Unity, I’m glad the course I purchased years ago has been updated so I’ve been reviewing the lectures these past few days to stay up to date.  My goal is that after I’m done with that which shouldn’t take too much time, I’ll start learning the Multiplayer aspect of Unity.  Multiplayer is something I really wanted to learn for awhile now and I definitely can’t wait to get to that point soon!  I’m planning to have at least some sort of Account Creation System in a few weeks if not sooner.  Once I can understand that aspect, I’ll be able to move onto bigger and better things!

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