AI References and Speed Paintings

Had a lot of trial and error basically in the last few days testing out a style of art that would be applicable for a card game.  First off, I can’t have a style that’s too detailed or it would take me too long to create each image and the game would never come out.  It’s important that the art I create looks appealing while also taking me under 2 hours to make.  Well… give or take but I want it roughly to be around that time.  The first day or 2, I had that awful habit of trying to make things way too detailed for me to want to continue any further.  Today, I think I found a good middle ground…

Anyway, here’s a comparison between Stable Diffusion References I used and the Speed painting I did.  I’ll refine it a bit more as well as add some sort of background.  Let me know what you think!

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